Of all the types of online gambling games, online slot is the one that has the most number of gamblers. This game is very popular not just only in Asia but also in many parts of the world. Moreover, this game is also the one that gives the largest revenue in all online casinos. Now, if you are not familiar with slot mobile gambling, here are the most intriguing and surprising facts about online slot mobile gambling game that you should know.

Surprising Facts about Online Slot Mobile Gambling Game

Surprising Facts about Online Slot Mobile Gambling Game
Surprising Facts about Online Slot Mobile Gambling Game

History of slot game

Slot was first introduced in 1891. It was developed by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York City. The first machine used during that time contained 5 drums that holds a total of 50 card faces that was based on Poker. Soon after, lots of bars in the city had one or more slot machines.

During that time, the players of slot machine would insert a nickel. Then, the players would pull a lever which would spin the drums and cards they held. In addition to that, the player of slot machine before would hope for a good Poker hand in order to win.

Before, there was no direct payout for slot machine. So, a pair of king cards might get the player a free beer. Besides that, a royal flush could pay out cigars or drinks.

Types of online slot machines

Online slot has different types of machines. Here are those types:

  • 3-Reel or Classic Slot – also referred to as “Single Line Slot”. Additionally, 3-Reel is the simplest type of slot not just only in feature, but also in how the game works.
  • Video Slot – is a more innovated type of slot machine. However, video slot machine has no moving parts at all. Instead, it has a graphical representation of one that appears on the screen.
  • Progressive Slot – is a type of slot machine which has a jackpot prize that increases each time the slot game is played but the jackpot is not won.
  • 3D Slot – is the most innovated and realistic type of slot machine. Usually, this game is found in the online casinos. Moreover, 3D slot has features that looks like you are actually playing a real slot machine. It is because all the things inside the screen has 3-dimensional or 3D features. Because of its realistic features, 3D slot gained the most number of players and is considered the most played type of slot machine.

Biggest wins in online slot gambling history

Online slot gambling can change anyone’s life in an instant. Here are the proofs of that:

  • Jon Heywoodwon 17,879,645.12 Euros
  • A lucky Finnish player won 17,861,800 Euros
  • A Norwegian man won 11,736,375 Euros
  • An anonymous mobile casino player won an approximately 9.2 million Euros

So these are the surprising facts about online slot mobile gambling game. If you haven’t tried playing this entertaining game, you must find a reliable slot online gambling website and register an account now.

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